T h e   r e c r u i t m e n t   p r o c e s s 


Finding the right person who can fulfill the job requirements as well as fit in with the company culture is the key to a successful placement.When the candidate "fits", the puzzle is in essence complete. The screening process begins with an analysis of application materials submitted by applicants in response to the announcement of an open position. Ultra Personnel is responsible for selecting the candidates for interview who meet all minimum requirements and are most qualified to fill the vacancy based on the stated requisite and desirable qualifications.





Face to face interviewing and careful screening, interviewing, reference checking and analysis of the candidates is carried out in great length to save you time. Only 3 or 4 of the  recommended candidates are presented to our Clients and a quality interview is  ensured. We assess ways the applicants will bring rich experiences and diverse backgrounds and ideology to your company or organisation.




We offer a 90 day replacement guarantee and upon successful placements, regular follow up calls will enable us to determine how the employee is adapting to their new environment. In essence, Ultra Personnel is an extension of you HR department and we form part of the team that drives your recruitment process.